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Show Validation messages below controls

I have designed a form with the help of Nintex Form Designer. Now i have placed few validations in the forms and while filling the form if the validations don't meet, they show a message at the top of the form. Now instead of displaying the validations at the top, i want to display the error message with the control on forms. How can i achieve this ?

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Show Validation messages below controls

Old question but anyone searching for this topic, I had the same problem. I have a long form and when the user clicks Submit, error messages are not obvious (have to scroll to the top). If the user's error is not in the bottom panel of my form, then the red outline on the field is not obvious either. So I moved the cursor to the top of the page by doing the following three things.

1. Added an anchor tag to the top of the form, using a rich text control. Select edit source and added this:

Note that Nintex adds the target=_blank. It does not matter for this to work however. (Users are not actually going to click this hyperlink, we're just using this as an anchor at the top of the page). The hyperlink is wrapped around a space character.

2. Added a javascript call to the submit button (in advanced properties | client click):

3. In the form's setting, in the custom javascript section, added this:

If there are no errors on the page, then this MoveMeUp() function is N/A and my user goes to the Thank You page instead as expected.

Posting this so someone searching in the future can consider this option.

Nintex Newbie

Re: Show Validation messages below controls

I wanted to see the list of errors on a long page on the top of the form. It was not working as I expected. I made few changes as shared below.

1. Added below code

MoveUpJS.PNG. 2. Called Moveup method on Client click property of submit button as shown below



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