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Set lookup field within workflow

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I am trying to create a workflow that will automatically set a lookup field.

I have a list titled "Months" and another list that uses a lookup to get the different months from the "Months" list.

Months List:

Lookup List:

I need to be able to set this lookup field based on when an item is created. I tried to create a variable to store format-Date(CurrentDate,yyyy-MM) and then set the lookup to equal that variable. I need the month lookup so I can create charts and graphs for a dashboard and I don't want users to have to select a month every time an item is added.

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Re: Set lookup field within workflow

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If that is the rule all the time, why not hide the field from the form and have workflow set it based on your rule and get rid of the lookup altogether ? This way the user just fills in the data they need to and the date is done in the background without the user even seeing the field in the form..

To do this, go into your list settings, and select "Advanced Settings"

The very first option is to select yes under "Allow management of content types" press Ok.

On the list settings page now you will have a Content Types section. Select the content type.. Namely "Item" if you are using a customer list template. Select your month field and changed the setting to "Hidden"

The field will still be there, it will just be hidden from the User form.. You can also display it in views if needed etc..

I have used this method many times to track audit information, such as last editor, due date changes etc etc..

If this is totally of case, that's cool   I'll need to test out your current method to provide any more info

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