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Nintex Newbie

Scheduled Site Workflows Run Twice

Hi Team,

We have requirement like below, could you please suggest how to proceed further.

Environment: Nintex 2016 for SharePoint 2016 On premise  


  1. We need to send daily (1 AM) emails users based on approval date is greterthan today.We have created site workflow to get the items from one list, using query list filter condition(where approval date is greterthan today). We are able to get the values based on  the filter condition.Now kindly suggest how we can add All the filtered item urls from the above condition in a single email notification body.



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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Scheduled Site Workflows Run Twice



you could save urls from query in a collection variable and then loop though items in the collection and build a text variable with the links formatted as you prefer.

At the end, outside of the loop, you can send an email referencing in the body the variabile used before



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