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Run workflow based on previous and current values of a field.


I'm working in Nintex on SharePoint 2013. 

I need a list workflow that will run when an item is modified, depending on the previous values and current values of the field Status. 

The workflow should start if an item is modified and the field Status is set to Closed, Rejected or Finished. However, if the item is modified but the Status was already set on Closed, Rejected or Finished and during the edit the status is not changed, then the workflow should not start. 


The idea is to record the first date when the item is placed on either one of the three statuses but not update the value if further edits are done to the item and the status remains the same.   


So far I created a workflow that starts when the item is modified with the condition that the previous status is not Closed or Finished or Rejected. 

It then uses a switch to check if the current status is on Closed, Finished or Rejected, stores the Modified value to a variable and updates the fields Closed date/Finished Date/Rejected date depending on the Switch value. 


The problem is if I edit the item again it, the workflow runs again and updates the Closed date/Rejected date/Finished date so the startup condition : 

Start when items are modified and Status (previous value) not equals Closed OR  Status (previous value) not equals Finished OR Status (previous value) not equals Rejected 

does not seem to work. 


If I replace the OR in the Startup condition with AND it does work, but then if per example I edit the item and change the status from Finished to Closed the workflow does not start. 


The only way to do it seems to store the previous value somehow and only start the workflow if the current value equals Closed, Finished or Rejected but does not equal the previous value. 


Do you have any suggestions?

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