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Re-creating Resource Planning Tool in SharePoint

Hello all,


I've been tasked with re-creating the attached spreadsheet image in SharePoint, and I'm kind of stuck on where to start. Basically, I need a way to add an employee to a list, attach multiple projects to that specific employee, the hours they're allotted every month for each individual project, as well as calculating their total monthly hours from all their projects. Additionally, a way to color-code the type of project an employee is working on - currently charged (green), future charged (yellow), and potential charged (red).


What I thought about doing was re-creating this as a Nintex form. I just don't know if it's possible, or the best way to go about it. I was thinking at the top of the form, you would enter an employee's basic information - their name, job title, supervisor, etc. Then below you would have a repeating section where you would input the project name, type of project (current/future/charged), and numeric input fields for Jan-Dec. Is it possible once the form is submitted, to color-code the projects based on the selection of a choice column, i.e. a user labels a project "current charge", so that specific row is green. Additionally, is there a way to calculate monthly hour totals for projects using the repeating section? I also know that the repeating section is XML and am aware of how to extract it as a table in the SharePoint list, but I'm not sure it would retain the format I want.


Any help is appreciated. My programming background is beginner/amateur level, so if there is an easier, out-of-the-box solution, I'd love to hear it.

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