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Nintex Newbie

Multiple attachment controls on Nintex form

Incase of multiple attachment controls on Nintex form.


Submitter section – Attachment control 1 – Set as Default Attachment


Approver 1 section - Attachment control 2


Approver 2 section - Attachment control 3


Approver 3 section - Attachment control 4


Submitter uploads attachment and submits form.

Approvers open the form one by one , attach separate files to individual attachment controls and submit.


Submitter open the form again and sees all the approver attachments are added to Attachment control 1

For some approvers -  attached files are missing in the attachment controls. For some no attachment. For some all attachments available.

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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Multiple attachment controls on Nintex form

I assume you somehow ensure that everyone involved is only allowed to attach and/or remove file to/from a control dedicated to him. could you describe how do you do that?

is it ensured that that submitter and approvers makes changes in the same order? or do they do it in random order?

could it happen that submitter and or approvers upload file(s) with the same name?

how do approvers see attachments if they check it at the end?

any details on env you experience this on?

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