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Mobile app and cascading drop downs

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I'm new to the Nintex community.  I've been working on creating a form that has cascading drop downs as suggested here:

Three-Tier Cascading Drop Downs: Do Go Chasing Waterfalls!

The form I've created works perfectly with the browser, however, when I create a layout for Nintex Mobile Tablet and Nintex Mobile phone, only the top 2 drop down controls will work.  The mobile apps, (i've tried, surface pro, ipad, iphone, android phone with the nintex mobile app) all report there is an issue trying to download the content for the 3rd drop down control.

Does the mobile app support cascading drop downs past the 2nd level.  And if not, how do I get a request in that the mobile supports that functionality?

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Re: Mobile app and cascading drop downs

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Hi Jerry,

I've just tested this and confirm it works in Nintex mobile (win phone and windows tablet).  The way I build out the lists differ slightly to what was described in the article by Sean that you mentioned but I don't think the differences are significant.  Just in case they are here's how I structured them.  Let's use Country, State and City as example lists.

List #1: Country

Rename the title column to Country

List #2: State

Rename the title column to State

Create a lookup column and reference the country list.

This is where my technique differs to Sean's example.  He keeps title empty and creates a 3rd text column that would be called State.  I'm not sure if there is anything special about the title column other than it is automatically made into a mandatory field.

List #3: City

Rename the title column to City

Create a lookup column and reference the state list

From then on, my technique is exactly the same as Sean's.  As for my test data - it's all unique and there aren't many items in each list.

Give that a go anyway and let us know how you get on.



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Re: Mobile app and cascading drop downs

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I too have found the only way to make cascading dropdowns work correctly via mobile app and regular browsers is to rename the title column and use that within the LookUp.