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Mobile Apps - Make your forms stand out

To further personalize your forms, it is also possible to specify a custom icon that is displayed in Nintex Mobile. It is necessary that the icon is accessible by your SharePoint server for being transferred to Nintex Mobile. You can then specify the full URL in the Icon field.

The form icon is exposed in three places:

  1. App in full screen: displayed dimension is 62 by 62 pixels
  2. App in snapped view: displayed dimension is 42 by 42 pixels
  3. The Start Screen when you pin a form: displayed dimension is 150 by 150 pixels

The recommended dimensions is 150x150 pixels. This will scale down to the other sizes. Currently, only Nintex Mobile for Windows supports the display of icons for forms and tasks.

To specify an icon for a form:

  1. Click on the Settings button in the Form Designer Ribbon.
  2. Expand the Nintex Mobile Settings section, and enter a URL in the Icon field.
  3. The icon will then appear next to the form title in the Mobile App.


Specify a form name and description for mobile use

  1. Click on the Settings button in the Ribbon.
  2. Expand the Nintex Mobile Settings section and uncheck the Use default Form Name and Form Description option, and enter the preferred name and description in the appropriate fields.

The name and description entered here will override the default values of the SharePoint form, and will be used instead by Nintex Mobile.


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Nintex Newbie

Re: Mobile Apps - Make your forms stand out

Hi Emily,

Thanks for the article.

I'm unable to add icons to my form - on publish, I get "Please provide a valid URL for Icon and make sure the file exists..."

Typing the URL into the browser returns the icon fine (

I have tried with an icon file and a png. Same result.

Using 1.5.2. Any ideas?

Thanks again.

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