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Migrating Call Web Service action in Nintex WFfor SharePoint to Nintex WF for O365

Was hoping to find some assistance on this issue we are having. We are migrating our workflows from Nintex WF for SP Server (On-Prem) to Nintex WF for O365 (O365).

On-Prem, we are using the Call Web Service  action to use SOAP to get data from our ITSM system, this is working as expected. When we try to use the Web Request action in O365, we do not get the same information back (just some XML). We tried the Call HTTP Web Service action but that is even more of an obstacle.

Call Web Service fields (on-prem)

URL - We put in the web service URL



Web Method - Nintex automatically got the web methods available, so we selected the right one

Web Service Message - We formed XML to get the information we wanted from the ITSM system

Web Service Output - Put it into a variable

Web Request fields (O365)

URL - We put in the same web service URL

Method - We have tried Soap 1.1 (no idea what the SOAP Action is, we cannot find anything in documentation that tells us where to find it

Body - we put in the same XML we put in Web Service Message



Store Response Content in - put it into a variable

On-Prem, we get data on the specific tickets we want to pull in. In O365, we just get XML like the below (it gets cut off so we never see the full response):


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 
<wsdl:definitions targetNamespace="urn:HPD_IncidentInterface_WS" xmlns:ns0="" xmlns:s0="urn:HPD_IncidentInterface_WS" xmlns:soap="" xmlns:soapenc="http://s

Can anyone put us on the right path, we have looked through a lot of documentation and still have been unsuccessful

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