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How to update Nintex workflow reports' XML files?



SharePoint version: 2010/2013

Nintex workflow version : 2010/2013


We have different XML files which gives some reports regarding Nintex workflows. For e.g.

  1. 30 Day Usage Summary For All Sites
  2. Completed Workflows For All Sites
  3. Errored Worklflows For All Sites
  4. Overdue For All Sites
  5. Workflow Actions
  6. Workflow Performace For All Sites

I was able to get XML codes from Central Admin. I'm trying to create some custom XML code which will give me 24 hours or last 7 days or get date from users (if possible !!!). I then want to use them on my site using Nintex Reports Web-Parts. 


I'm struggling right now in passing the filter parameters and create a new XML. Did anyone did this before?


Do I need to modify the stored procedures in Nintex database? As far as I know, Nintex doesn't supports that, is that right?


@vadim_tabakman .....any advice is greatly appreciated Smiley Happy





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Re: How to update Nintex workflow reports' XML files?

@kunalpatel1029 you can use PowerShell to collect info on Nintex, but what you're looking for may best be achieved by just using Nintex Inventory Lens. It is cloud-based but you can connect your on-premise instance to it and then view workflows by publisher, run time and a few other things.

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Re: How to update Nintex workflow reports' XML files?

Thanks. Do you use PS for getting reports? Can you share what kind of reports you pull?
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