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Duplicate Emails when user is a part of SP group

user received duplicate emails and I want to make sure that he receives only one.

On Email Notification, msg is sent to 'Initiator' and 'IT Group' which is SP group I created that contains a few users. If user fits in to both , this user received two emails.

I unchecked 'Send individually address notifications' but in this way 'Initiator' can see individual email accounts in 'IT Group', which I want to avoid.

The following is my alternative solutions, but I am really looking for a way to show the recipient email address in To field (rather than hide in BCC) and without receiving a duplicate. Didn't test the followings yet, but I appreciate other possible solutions.

1. use system account in To field and move all the recipients in BCC. Uncheck 'Send individual...'

2. under IT Group, add IT group's group email account rather than each agent's emails.

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Re: Duplicate Emails when user is a part of SP group

you could make a call to userGroup.asmx web service to get all the group memebers (GetUserCollectionFromGroup method) or to get all the groups which's the user is meber of (GetGroupCollectionFromUser method).

based on that you should be able to decide whether to send notification to the initiator or not.

UserGroup Methods (Users and Groups) | Microsoft Docs 

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