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Copying an item to a dynamic Document Set

I am trying to create a workflow to move an uploaded document from a "drop off" library to a particular document set. The workflow needs to do the following:

1) Sets the variable varTitle as the title of the uploaded document.

2) Creates a document set in another library with the title variable as the Doc Set title.

3) Sets variable varFullUrl to a dynamic url of the new document set. 

4) Copies the uploaded item to the new document set using the Copy to SharePoint action.

5) Deletes the item from the drop off library.

Step 4 is where it fails. I get the error. 

Failed to copy item. Cannot find list at URL [variable from step 3 above]

So it seems it's trying to submit to a list and the URL is to a document set, not the list. 

Is this not possible? If not, is there a way to achieve this?


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Workflow Hero

Re: Copying an item to a dynamic Document Set

I have been looking for an answer to the same question, and I think the short answer is that this functionality is not available "out of the box", not with SPD nor with Nintex.

The below post on StackExchange may be helpful- it describes how to copy items from a library into a folder in another library using REST calls. This poster was using SPD 2013, but you could also do it in Nintex using the equivalent actions. Also, because Document Sets are similar to folders, you may be able to use this method with them, as well. In general, each file inside a document set gets a URL like, so in theory you should be able to move files into a set with REST as long as you can figure out what the complete URL should be. 

2013 - unable to copy all documents from one library to another - SharePoint Stack Exchange 

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