workflow on a linked database list

hi all,


I have an access database which refreshes daily. My goal is to run a task on each item, after the sharepoint list has updated with the current days data. 


The task will be something like an approval task, if they approve the task then i'll put an Update Field and run some notification tasks.


The approval task will need to display some variables or list values from the linked database list.


Does anyone know what the structure of the workflow would need to be in order to run through each of the items everyday only once?


a secondary question is, if i did this as a list workflow instead of a site workflow would i be able to start the workflow based on the item being modified or created? (i.e. when the database list is refreshed)?


I couldn't find any good examples of how to do this on google, although admittedly i only went down the first page. 





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Re: workflow on a linked database list

In Workflow Settings for the List Workflow, enable the option to "start when items are created".

Then whenever new items are added to the list a workflow process for each new item is started.
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