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workflow blocks with huge time delay when executing a loop



I've built a simple workflow (see picture below) which, after some initial configurations, executes two loops. The 1st loop "über alle Pfad-Ebenen" takes each path string from a sequence of path strings and the 2nd loop "für jedes EINORDNUNGS-Element" compares each of these path strings with a collection of strings. Nothing complicated.




Now, as seen within the picture, every workflow element needs far less than 1 second for its individual operation (seen in the status "Durchschnittliche Dauer"). The two collections (lists) are 3 and 5 items long, which gives no more than 15 iterations of each of the inner workflow elements. These contain just one RegEx comparison and one check operation. So the workflow should be executed very fast.


But as seen within within the first workflow block, the overall operation takes up more than 3 minutes (marked in blue), before the two loops are completed and activities further down in the workflow are executed.


What could cause this time delay which currently slows down the workflow operation significantly? And how can I bring that time delay down to a minimum value?


Thanks in advance.

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