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template selection workflow

I have a list of templates for documents we use to manage our internal business processes. Sometimes we have multiple templates for a specific document topic where each one is needed under specific conditions. For example, I may have 5 templates for a User Manual; template 1 is used for software solutions, template 2 is used for hardware solutions, template 3 is for a combination, and so forth. There may be additional metadata to describe each template (for example $ value). As of today we have 65 templates for 27 topics.

I want to develop a wizard where the user will answer some basic questions and the workflow will tell which templates (or list records) apply under those conditions.

Any ideas? Is this something outside Nintex capabilities? The bottom line is that the workflow would ask a series of questions and provide a list of templates that comply with the specific answers.

PS: I do have a paper workflow I'll use to design. Sorry, it's government property so I can't share.

PS2: I am not sure this is the correct forum for this; I apologize if I messed up (first time this year).

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