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sequence contains more than one matching element

Hi All

we are working with SP 2013 with Nintex Workflows 2013 and i have the following error.

Old scenario:

In a Workflow a "Request Data" option was used to get Info from a User. After this action the person field (whom the person resposnible had to fill in in the Request Data Action) is set in the current Item.

new scenarion:

Practically the same. I have edited the Content type through the workflow action Request Data and added about 10 more fields. These fields are stored in variables.

I changed the form using the newly created columns, published the form and saved the action. Those Variables are also stored in the current item.

Basically only more columns are added. When i try to publish the form i get the error:

soap:ServerServer was unable to proces request. ---> Sequence contains more than one matching element

If i remove the Request Data action i can publish the workflow. What could cause this? I try not to rebuild everything again.

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