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Show/Modify Attachments from original Item on Revi...

Hello together, I have a bit of a complicated issue at the moment. We are generating List Items with a custom Nintex Form with a Workflow behin...

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Prompt user to re-evaluate a field's value eac...

Morning all, Open to creative suggestions on this one. We have a checkbox field on a form with certain criteria relating to the record (b...

  • By dvowles
  • November 23, 2018  03:56
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Why this error by creating a Security Group with N...

We have a list in SharePoint Online, and when a user creates a new item, the Workflow has to create a SharePoint Security Group with the same na...

  • By kmedina
  • November 23, 2018  00:04
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How to dynamically add values to a dropdown throug...

Hi, Is it possible to dynamically add values to a drop down field using Nintex workflow (not form)? Thanks

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Why does Insert Link in a Item Form always adds th...

I create an Edit Form on list named Pitch . One of the fields (string) contains a link to an external site. I not only want to display this li...

  • By woutert
  • November 22, 2018  10:24
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How to resize input filler control as it grows bas...

Hi all, I have created a custom Nintex Forms control (which inherits from NintexFormControl) and generates a Select2 enabled multi select. ...

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Forbidden Access on Task approval through External...

I have an issue with opening the approval task from external network. The Nintex OOTB task is opening fine when I tried to open in our corporate ...

  • By Pyae
  • November 22, 2018  00:00
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Is is possible to check if user exists on AD or Us...

Dear all, I would like to know if there is any action in Nintex workflow that can help me to check if user exists on AD or User Profile. Reason ...

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'Copy to SharePoint' does not work when us...

Hello, I am trying to use 'Copy to SharePoint' action in a Task Workflow List (created from a Flexi Task) to copy the Attachment File (uploaded...

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Nintex form :Editing and drafting a message

I am trying to create a multiline control where user could draft a message which will be send as notification later after approval . Whe...

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Content Type Workflow?

I have created a Nintex form and set it as a content type - so that the form can go into multiple sites and I only need to maintain the form in o...

  • By bpinhey
  • November 21, 2018  13:03
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Hide Panel If the Current User Is Not the Employee...

When using a Nintex Responsive form, I cannot get an OR rule for two conditions to work to hide a panel on a form. It may be because is is a user...

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