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o365 Nintex Workflow >> Compare Field value ...

Hi, i want to compare Filed value with Previous value. I have a One Number Column ABC in List, want to compare the Previous value, So i have c...

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How to use Type 2 Dimensions as list lookups (from...

Hi, I have a situation where an orders-related list needs to lookup prices from another list, where the prices have a "Valid from" and "Valid t...

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Control to auto-increment a value in Nintex Forms

Is there a way of creating a button control or some different control in Nintex Forms, which can increment a variable, say var1, every time I click o...

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TerminateWorkflowByNameForListItem in a loop stopp...

Due to wrong defined Workflows, at my customers site, they have a lot of Workflows which are in Workflowstatus 'In Progress' and did not complete. ...

  • By Levy
  • October 11, 2019  03:20
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kindly provide a formula using lookup retrieving f...

I am having an error retrieving an information from another site using the LOOKUP in the form, can anyone advise me please. I tried this is the site...

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Not able to connect repeating section with Column

I have created a multi-line textbox control in Nintex Forms and a multi-line text column in SharePoint List. But I am not able to connect them. Would...

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How can I pull in a Manager's name, based on a...

I have a CSR people lookup field. And I have a Manager people lookup field. When a User inputs the CSR name, I would like the Manager name to ...

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Nintex Live - How do I display dropdown menu from ...

I'm still fairly new to the Nintex application, but I've been able to create both SQL Request and List Lookups within my Nintex Forms. The work great...

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Validate Multi-Select: Any combination but one

I have a multi-select field called Funding Sources which has the choices: Not Required Other Capital Request IT Captial (Note: there are mu...

  • By cmykkid
  • October 10, 2019  07:32
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o365 Nintex Workflow >> Error Item does not ...

Hi All, I have Migrate (Sharegate) the Nintex Workflow from SharePoint 2013 On-Prem to Online, Workflow contain the Start Workflow Action (that S...

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add attachment file from nintex form on a mobile d...

hello, im trying to know if there is an option to filter the type of files that are allowed to upload from a nintex form while using a mobile dev...

  • By yinons
  • October 10, 2019  03:20
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Schedule Site Workflow - Failed to Start

I have a scheduled site workflow which is set to run at 7am every morning forever. The workflow it runs simply generates todays date and updates a 'T...

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