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blank repeating section classic form

Good day, i have made a classic form in nintex with a repeating section and once that the form is submit, the repeating sections becomes blank but in...

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NINTEX and "SharePoint Server Subscription Ed...

Hi all, our Sharepoint and NINTEX Workflows still run with the version 2013. We have a web application (recruitment process) which uses NINTEX WF and...

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Regular expression & translates to &amp

Hi All, I try to exclude some special characters in my made form in a single line textbox. However the & Character wil go on the backgrou...

  • By Rikk
  • February 28, 2022  07:00
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Nintex Workflow Overwrote Version 1.0

Hallo Everybody, I have a complex Site with different workflows and embeded java scribt. One of my users saved a new form with correct data (Versio...

  • By Sandy2
  • February 28, 2022  02:00
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Wanted to count how many events are there

Hi I have a Nintex workflow on a list that will write to a SharePoint Calendar. I would like to count how many events are already scheduled on a ...

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Error in getting xml of SharePoint item

Hello everyone, I am trying to get xml of SharePoint list item, using web request. The list item is getting created when we submit an InfoPath form...

  • By Brar
  • February 27, 2022  19:37
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How can I show/hide a panel from a Multi Drop-down...

How can I show/hide a panel or multiple panel's from a Drop-down in Nintex form? I want this to happen in real time and not when the user hits the su...

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Set radio buttons with workflow

Hi I select in my first list/form radio button with needed documents. Then I start the Workflow and would like to update/activate these buttons...

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Flexi Task Reminders Every Day Past Due Date

I have a requirement to send the Assigned To user an email when they have an overdue task aka the specified due date has passed. I was hoping to util...

  • By skr35
  • February 25, 2022  07:48
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Making Questions Required based on Anothers Value

Hello, I am currently creating a form that asks for a users software impacts. I have a backend Nintex workflow that executes on each software t...

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Set Lookup control value by JS

We have look up field which always has one value as its option. The goal is to the only option automatically in the dropdown. Using JavaScript...

  • By SteSche
  • February 24, 2022  01:16
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Error in task. Cannot find a corresponding human w...

Error in task. Cannot find a corresponding human workflow task id for this task.

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