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WorkflowTerminated - message could not be delivered

Hi Nintex Gurus,


We are working through a very complex workflow process of User ID requests creation with sequential and parallel workflow processing blocks. Request types are New, Update and Delete.


New users are users who are newly hired in our organization whose AD attributes are yet to be populated. Our workflow after getting approval of the request from manager passes it on to engineers who update AD and give them the details which then is passed onto multiple system workflows..


Everything works as expected but for one glitch.


New user emails that aren’t active yet, terminates the workflow because the system is not able to deliver email to the address that is in CC section of the email notification action. Is there any way for us to process through instead of terminating the workflow when this particular situation occurs? In the below image we can see multiple systems WF status


Clicking on the Citrix system WF status, we can see that the workflow is terminated because email couldn't be delivered.


Is there any way for us to turn OFF termination of workflow when UserEmail(field in the master list with the newly created email id entered by engineers via task form) and has an address that is nondeliverable(yet). That way, the process follows through and completes the workflow instead of terminating.


Please let us know when you get a chance.


Any help appreciated. Jeremy Jaya Raj Frank Field

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