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Workflow to add value to lookup column

Hi all,


i have the following problem and i've been on a google deepdive and somehow that didnt bring up a solution:

I have 4 Lists as displayed in the screenshot



I now want to build a workflow that runs after an item in List 4 is added. Let's assume, I just added the item with ID 1 in List 4.

1. Split "Users" by comma and store in collection (not sure if this works correctly at the moment, as users is also a Lookup with mutliple choices allowed).

2. For each User Update Column "Reports" in List 3 by appending the current value with the value "Report" from list 4.

3. Delete Item.


Step 2 is the one where everything fails. My first idea was to query list 3 for the value "Reports", store that into a collection, use collection operation to add value "Report" from list 4 and then write that new collection to the field "Reports" in list 3 again.
Somehow that didn't work as expected.
Any help is highly appreciated.


Best regards,


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