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Workflow running twice in OWS and w3wp

Hey guys,


we are running a NW 2013 on our SharePoint 2013 Servers.


We have a Workflow that is delayed because of a high CPU utilization inside the App Server.

Inside the logs it states that the Workflow is going to be delayed.(see following Quote):


"Workflow ID=6eddfa7d-a8fa-4875-a757-76d72b06c85c attempting to run on a thread currently executing workflow ID=9c2bceb5-283f-4e02-9434-cb38a06299ea.  This workflow will be run at a later time.



After this happend every following step is proceeded twice with the same Workflow ID ( was found with verbose logging within the Workflow ).

One is run by the OWSTimer Job of SharePoint itself and we think the other one is still running in w3wp but getting overwritten by the OWSTimer inside the Logs.


Can anybody help me finding a Solution or at least try to give me a reason why this is happening?


Kind regards.

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Re: Workflow running twice in OWS and w3wp

Hi ‌, have you solved it?