Using Calculated Value Control to output the value of checkbox



Is it possible for the calculated control output to hold 2 different values?


First I enter a value 5 it should be outputted on the calculated control as 5,


Second I enter a value of 6 and the rate of exchange (ROE) of 5 and the calculated control should output as 30.


How can I add and multiply such that if no multiplication, it shall display the value and when multiplying with ROE it should also display the answer value?


I have name my checkbox Num1, Num2, Num3 to Num6, but my total output on the calculated control should be based on if I enter the only number in mun1 or sometimes num2 * value.



num2 * 20 = answer.


both num1 and answer are displayed on the control calculated output.


Can someone help me, please?



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