Use Listview filter and sort in Headers when view is filtered



I stumbled upon a strange issue.

We are using List Views in Parent-Child relationship lists to display an parents child entries in another list.

For this, I am adding a list view to the form and filter by a specified value.

Where field "Parent" = ItemProperty:ID

A User now mentioned, that filtering and ordering does not work within this listview. When a column is selected, it is always showing a popup "Working on it..." which never goes away.


To replicate this issue, I created two lists like this:

List A: Title, TheFilterColumn (Choice Field, Values: Filter1, Filter2, Filter3)

List B: Title

I then added a Nintex Form to List B, added a List View showing List A and published. In new Mode, filtering worked as intended.



Then I went back to the form and applied a filter in "Filtering" Setting.


This resulted in the form again not allowing to order or filter:filterLoading.png

Anyone got any ideas how to fix this? Maybe it is a known issue? Would updating our forms version help? 

I could not find anything about this issue in the patch notes.


I am using 

Nintex Forms 2013 (
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