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Some questions about Document Generation

Hi everybody,

due to our following migration from OnPrem-SharePoint 2013 to 2016 we will also upgrade the installed Nintex Workflow/Forms-version to the one that includes the new Document Generation-feature.

To evaluate if this new feature matches our requirements I do have some questions I didn't find complete satisfying answers in the given documentation so I directly ask them here 🙂

Do I understand correctly, that

  1. the WFE-servers have to be opened to the internet so that for every document generation a connection to Nintex Live can be established?
  2. document generation happens in the cloud and not locally on our OnPrem-farm? Will the document template itself and the data from the workflow and listitems leave our network and be sent to the cloud to be assembled there and then the final document will return?
  3. the creation of documents is subject to a quota and must be payed extra? What about companies that have an enterprise license?

Greetings from Nuremberg


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Re: Some questions about Document Generation

I asked the Nintex-Support by email and got the following answers to my questions:

1: Yes this is a secure connection made from your WFE to the Nintex Live hosts.

2: Yes, and Yes the document will be sent to the cloud and some data from the workflow. That logic sounds correct to me yes the final document does come back.

3: The pricing and discounts possible due to being Enterprise I can not comment on. That you would need to chat with your account manager. It is treated as a separate service. 

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