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Select Multiple Users from a Pick List


Has anyone come across being able to select multiple users that are contained in a sharepoint group (added in as individual users from Active Directory) as a pick list, like radio buttons or a drop down menu or like the screenshot below?

Need users to be able to select multiple users but want to give them the option to select these multiple users from a list of users they can pick from.

Hope that makes sense!



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Re: Select Multiple Users from a Pick List

Hi Kimberly,

I don't think it's possible to show the picker as you want..I had similar request from customers and my solution was to use the legacy control for the people picker: (see Using the legacy People Picker control with Nintex Forms )

In that way you could add a control more similar to the 2010 version, where there is a browse button that could do what you need because the dialog will show only the user in the specified group.

Using that control you will lose some functionality, as name suggestion, but I'll give it a try.