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Repeating Section - auto complete a field

Hi All, 

looking for some advice on auto completing a field in each row of a repeating section based on another field. 


Easiest way to describe the layout is i have a repeating section with 3 single line text controls per row. The xml for the repeating section is saved to a multiline field in the list (but this is irrelevant for this bit) so if we use table terminology, column one is a reference number (starting with SOR/POR/SER), Column 2 is the one i would like to auto complete and column 3 is a free text field for users to enter any relevant information. The idea would be that if the users enters a code such as SER00001 into column 1 of a row to auto complete Column 2 to say Service as an example. 


I could do this in the workflow by updating the XML manually but i would like the user to be able to see what its been set to before they submit the form (and its a pain to chop up the XML). 


My initial thought was to look at javascript to do this but i'm a complete noob when it comes to this. I understand you would need to set classes on the different columns etc the bit i get lost is around the actual trigger for the events as i dont think lostfocus is used within nintex. 


Please note i'm happy for alternative options besides javascript it just seemed the most obvious. 


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Repeating Section - auto complete a field

For jquery you would use the blur event what a field looses focus
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