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Query more lists in one action

Is there option how to query more than one list in a row?

I was trying query list and CAML and put code like this:


<List ID="{ID-OF-LIST-A}" />
<List ID="{ID-OF-LIST-B}" />
<List ID="{ID-OF-LIST-C}" />
<List ID="{ID-OF-LIST-D}" />
<List ID="{ID-OF-LIST-E}" />
<FieldRef Name="ID" />

Workflow finish without error but no data recieve ...

Or if it exist another solution how to do that ? Like a web service, search ... ?

And I know that workaround could be create a 5 query list in paralell action.


Thanks for any advice.

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Automation Master

Re: Query more lists in one action

in general it's possible but not with nintex.

you'd need to write a server side code, see eg. https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/office/en-US/4377f5e5-190d-4495-ac68-831e7d674d9e/caml-quer...

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