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Nintex Workflow Backup & Restore

How do we migrate Nintex workflows between site collections having different content db???

Here is the scenario.

I have a web application and a site collection under that. The site collection(say A) has the default Sharepoint content DB and default Nintex content DB. It has 3 lists and each list is customized using nintex forms and has nintex workflows associated with it.

I created another site collection (B) within the same web application and tried back up and restore (took back up of site collection A and restored it to B).The new site collection has a different content db. 

Unfortunately I do not see any Nintex workflows associated with 3 lists in Site collection B.

When i exported nintex workflows from site collection A and tried to import to the lists in site collection B, it is not showing up.

Do we need to do anything with nintex DB as well?? Please help !!

 What is the best way to do back up and restore of site collection containing Nintex workflows?