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Nintex Outgoing Mail - Attach Event Receiver

Nintex Offers - Assign a Task, Flexi task and so on.  Is there any way where mail sent from certains actions or even sent using "Send an Email" action can be added to custom Database.


Basiclly I am looking to build functinality of "Notifications" where user will be able see all email sent by Nintex workflow at one locations 🙂 

1) All mails going out of Nintex or SharePoint mails should be stored in custom content database

2) Can event Receiver can be used for this pupose for e.x if Email Send Event revicer at farm or site collcetion can be added. Which can actully be triggered everytime mail is sent out of system?



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Re: Nintex Outgoing Mail - Attach Event Receiver

Hi Parth,


Unfortunately I don't think thats doable in Nintex. To be fair its more of a security issue if you try to intervene all the emails that are sent outside the system. If you want a particular email to be logged into Nintex, then you may have add that extra bit of logging into the workflow after AssignTask or FlexiTask and so on.

Event receiver what you have shown below is when list is receiving emails and not when it is sent. SharePoint sends emails through exchange so you cant hack that in between. May be if you have a send folder in your IIS where SMTP is configured. again this is outside SP or Nintex.




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