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I'm just wondering if forms that are published to Nintex Live can redirect instead of using the built in submitted/cancelled pre-canned wording? I added a re-direct to the form options and it works within the SharePoint site. If I go to fill out the form, but when I publish to Nintex Live, it no longer redirects? Is it assumed that people are going to iframe the Nintex Live form because that would mess up any bootstrap or responsive styling on the website since their is no redirect functionality.


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Trevor Mitchell

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Re: Nintex Live Redirect

Hi Trevor,

Redirects in Nintex Live Forms can be added using a setTimeout() method. For example, you would add a delay for the redirect of your choosing:

**Just make sure to place this within <script> tags in the Edit Source of the Nintex Live Form Settings > Confirmation Message**



window.setTimeout(function() {


}, 1000);



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