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LinkButton ReqField Validation Issue

Hi, I'm trying to create our first Nintex Form, and was doing OK so far, but then I came across something I can't figure out.

In order to replicate the look & feel of our previous developments, I've created 4 "Save" buttons: 2 ImageButtons & 2 LinkButtons.

The list the form is attached to, has a couple of required fields. Of course, all 4 buttons "cause validation" and successfully validate that the fields are not empty.

However, when I click the link buttons the required fields are not highlighted (despite providing a message that points to the empty field) as the image buttons do.

Looking at the JS generated, the only real difference I can see, is that the link's are not getting a name ppty when rendering (the function WebForm_PostBackOptions uses a name apparently, or at least the image input does) so I thought I may have forgotten to use a name in the control, which I didn't.

I've looked around, but couldn't find anything like it (this was remotely similar:  still is not really the same, and has 0 replies).

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a property I'm not seeing within the controls?


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