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I need help to make a JavaScript code that creates an item from a list to an another list and converts a Word Document into PDF

Hello everyone, 

So I had a task the manager gave me last week and I need to do it in nintex workflow, witch is updates a word document and then to convert it to PDF document. 

I did it completely and it worked very fine.... but, the converting to PDF file takes about 15 minuets to convert a document and this is a thing that my manager didn't liked it. I contacted the Nintex Support and they told me this is an issue that cannot be solved in Nintex.

So, someone told me that he made a JavaScript solution that decreases the time to convert the Word document to PDF file and it takes 2 minuets to convert it and the time it takes decreases in every converting progress. But the problem is he don't have the code and he is so busy and can't help me now, but he told me that he solved it by coding it in JavaScript. 

He made two lists one is the original list that have the nintex from for the business and another list for the workflow. When the user press the print button in the form of the original list, the JavaScript make the user to wait and shows him a loading screen and the JavaScript code creates the same item to the second list from the original list and the workflow in the second list starts to updates the document. So, here he did a JavaScript code to get the updated word document and converted it to PDF document, after finishing converting the document the loading screen stops and starts to download the PDF document for the user.

I don't remember if he also used a JavaScript code to updates the document or not. But this is what he have done to make a small good solution for the long converting delay problem. As I said he is very busy and I don't like to annoy him to help me, so if one of you guy have done like this scenario or can help me doing it or done better than this or anything that solves the converting to PDF delay please I need your help. 

Thank you. 

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