How to create a Recurring Task

Hoping this community can provide some insight/advice...


I have a User Group where each month, they need to certify that they've completed a task.  It's the same task for every User in the group.  Basically just need something acknowledging they've done it.


Thinking a simple "Checkbox" on the Sharepoint page for them to check and submit.  Wondering if using Sharepoint Tasks could accomplish this.  But I don't know anything about Tasks.


Would Tasks work for what I need?  And could I set something up in Nintex Workflows that sets it as a recurring task that appears for each of those Users on a monthly basis?

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Nintex How-To Center Expert
Nintex How-To Center Expert

Re: How to create a Recurring Task

Yes a workflow task would be perfect for what you need.
Using a Task from Nintex Workflow will even handle reminers for you etc.
You could schedule a workflow for every first of the month to send the task to each user. When they complete the task this says that the task is done.
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