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Getting Information form SharePoint List

Hi Community,


I've been trying to work with this and have been having issues due to the complex way the client has their data setup.  I'm trying to pull rates out for one of there forms I'm creating to then do calculations with them.  Most of all the rates are pulled in via user making multiple choice.


Based off a user selections, and other data on the form it then needs to pull out the correct rate to then push into a calculation so the user is entering dates which determines weather its Current or Prior Value, a Radio button to determine if need to use the High City rates or Low City Rates, then a drop down box for departing times. All that information is needed in order to get the value. With using Cascading drop downs it makes it hard cause only filtering one at a time and none of the user choices i mention above tie into each other. Web Request, not knowing Xpath makes it hard in getting down to a single value to be pulled.


When i was working in InfoPath all we had to do is set up a data connection to our list. Then you could do the filtering right then and there to pull in the information we needed based on the user choices and filtering in one simple step vs multiple steps.


Please if anyone knows of a good route to go forward with this since client is getting away from InfoPath and moving to doing everything in Nintex.

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