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Get All Approval Comments from Flexi Tasks


I'm trying to do something simple ...or at least I thought it was. 

Requirement:  For each Task (each person who needs to complete the task) Get Assignee to, Outcome and Comment and Place it in a Field


1. Flexi Task sends approval tasks - In the Flexi Task I added a Collection_TaskID Variable this holds the Tasks ID's 

2. For Each - I added a for each so it would collected the information needed. In for each Collection_TasksID and added a new Variable List_TasksID

3. Inside for each - Add a Query List - Filter ID equals List_TasksID and then I put Assignee, Outcome and Comments in Variables

4. String a String with the information needed

5. Update the Comment History

This works for the most part But I only get the latest information. So if my Collection_TaskID says 123; 124 I'm only getting information for item 124 not 123 


Any ideas!?

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Re: Get All Approval Comments from Flexi Tasks

A quick check to see where your issue lies, is log each step in the Workflow History List. For example;

Log Collection with IDs
For each-action
Log Task Item to History List
Query List-action
Log Assignee, Outcome and Comment-variables
Build-string action
Log string to History List.

Quick question; While building your string, are you adding the previous string to the 'Build string' as well?

I am curious to what your history log looks like, see if we can find the error!
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Re: Get All Approval Comments from Flexi Tasks


Can you provide a screen shot of your worklfow? Typically you wouldn't need a For-Each action around or in your Flexitask. The Flexitask action provides the notification, waits for the response, then branches based on the response options (normally two, but could be more).


After the task completes the workflow resumes under the Completed branch of the Flexitask. This is where you collect your data into variables and build your strings, etc. If you want sequential tasks, it's better to run them vertically, one after the other has completed, rather than within For Each loop.


Hope this helps,


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