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Flexi-Task Responsive forms on Nintex Mobile

Has anyone seen this before?!

We have a site workflow that includes flexi-task. 

The flexi-task is a responsive design form. 

We are trying to complete the task from Nintex Mobile, we have checked the box on the flexi-task form settings to publish the form to Nintex Mobile. and republished.

No matter what we do, the Task form always takes the SharePoint regular task form on Nintex mobile. It is a simply form, we have only changed the Title of "Outcome" to be "Decision" and have an extra field displayed there. But those changes are not there. 

It only shows the outcome and comments... and that's it. 

We opened the same Task from desktop and from Mobile browser and it is looking a good "Responsible" Responsive form. But on Nintex mobile very "irresponsive"..... help!!

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Re: Flexi-Task Responsive forms on Nintex Mobile

Hi - Have you found a solution to this issue below. I have the same problem and it would be good to know if you have solved this...



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