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Email notification with multiple links to documents

I have a Nintex Form that users fill in with a client email address field and check boxes from a list of 20 items.  The items are links to documents located on our website.


The users want to be able to check off only certain items and have a workflow that sends the client an email with only the links they selected.


The form looks something like this:


Client Email:

Document #1: http://ourwebsite/document1.pdf

Document #2: http://ourwebsite/document2.pdf

Document #3: http://ourwebsite/document3.pdf

Document #4: http://ourwebsite/document4.pdf

Document #5: http://ourwebsite/document5.pdf



I tried using a "Send Notfication" action in the workflow and it works, however, if Document 1 is selected and Document 5 is selected, there is a space in the email where items 2, 3 and 4 would be.  This become a problem when the list is 20 items and there are a bunch of spaces in the email.


Is there any way to only have the items selected show up in the email?  Or maybe there is a completely different/better way to do this.


Anyone have any ideas?

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