Document approval workflow to render into pdf with permission setting and deposit to different libra

Dear Nitex experts,

I have this challenging workflow task to seek your advice:

  1. Staff to select the final document found in their (source) Department doc library
  2. Fill up the "Access group" to grant read rights
  3. Fill up the "Approving parties" (allow user to select their manager)
  4. Once the approval party approves
  5. Determine the content type of the document which will determine the final portal's document library (Destination) to deposit the pdf to
  6. Render the document to text searchable pdf and then move to the right portal document library location
  7. And set the right permission depending on the "Access group" requested (see point 3)
  8. copy all the original tags from source document to the destination pdf
  9. Deposit to the right doc library depending on the content types

Can all the above be created in one workflow ?

What is the best method to achieve the above steps?

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