Display pop-up before submitting

We have a Nintex Responsive form that kicks off workflows after it is submitted.  Management would like a popup page displaying a summary of what they have entered before the form is submitted.  This would be similar to purchasing items online when a display of order is summarized before you place your order.  I tried using the message on the save button but it will not hold the amount of characters that is needed.  

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Re: Display pop-up before submitting

Unfortunately, it is not possible with the Responsive Forms to use a button to show a preview before the form is submitted.


What you can try is adding a 'Checkbox' on the page that is visible when all the required fields are entered. When the user checks that box, a panel opens and shows a summary of the form. That panel also includes a button to submit the form. This ensures that a preview is shown before the form is submitted. 



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