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Disaster Recovery

What happens to a workflow if the SharePoint Web Front end server crashes?

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Ribbon Ruler

Re: Disaster Recovery

Hi Dean,

depends on what you concider as a crash. In general, as long as you're able to reconnect your content, configuration and Nintex databases you will be able to reset your farm to the time the backup was done. It's kind of the same process as migrating Nintex Workflow from one server edition to another.

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Cloud Wanderer

Re: Disaster Recovery

Hi Enrico Knapp‌,

Yes it really depends on the crash.

As per my understanding, even if the w3wp.exe process restart. Workflows run in different process (owstimer.exe) so your workflows continuing run without any problem and if for some reason the task owstimer.exe process ends, workflows stop to run and will be run again in the next time as is setting.

Correct me if I am wrong :-).