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Disable a Field if the User is Part of a Group and a Field has a Specific Value

Hi. I am trying to work on a specific field on a Nintex 2010 form for a SharePoint On-Premise list that is supposed to be enabled only if the user is part of a group, Web Ops Members, and if the value of another field, that is actually a lookup, on the said form is true. I tried two ways, but both of them do not work.

First approach is creating a rule on a control, check the Disable box and setting this condition:

JobType2-v2=='1;#File Upload (pdf, ppt, xls, other)' && Current User!=IsMemberOfGroup(Web Ops Members)

This does not seem to work, so I tried another approach. The second approach is to tweak the setting of the control. I went to Appearance > Enabled, choose Expression on the dropdown and tried this condition:

fn-Or(fn-And(fn-IsMemberOfGroup(Web Ops Members),Equals(JobType2-v2,'1;#File Upload (pdf, ppt, xls, other)'),Not(Equals(JobType2-v2,'1;#File Upload (pdf, ppt, xls, other)')))

This does not work too. Can someone tell me what am I doing wrong or if there another approach to address my goal?

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Re: Disable a Field if the User is Part of a Group and a Field has a Specific Value

To sort this out I would start using each criterion individually to check which of them is ok. And then dive deeper into the one failing. If you not already done that. Things you may check is using double quotes i.s.o. single quotes, remove the '1;#' part.....

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