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Default return value of person/group fields


I have a list with among other things a few person fields. Now I have found out that the default return value for one of the person fields is different ("204;#GROUP_A_TITLE") than for the other fields ("GROUP_A_TITLE"). In both cases I write the field content into a person variable, each with Return type = "As String (Default)".

After a long search and testing I came to the probable reason:
The field with the different output was configured with "allow multiple selections = yes", all others with "no".

After another testing round I had to find out that a subsequent change of this configuration really does not change the default output! I have created two test columns, one with "allow multiple selections = yes" and one with "no". Also there the outputs differed and the differences remained even after switching this setting for both fields!

Can anyone explain or confirm this behaviour to me? Does it really matter with which configuration a column is created? Does the creation really have such unchangeable effects?

It's exactly this kind of unexpected behavior that I unfortunately encounter from time to time that makes me lose confidence in SharePoint and Nintex. I've been developing workflows for several months now and I can't imagine that companies can really use these solutions to their satisfaction.

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