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Comparing two date fields in two different lists

I have a list called Operating System which has a date field called ‘End of Life’ .

I have a second list called Servers which has a field called ‘Status’.

I’ve set up a Site Workflow with a schedule. What I want to happen is that the Workflow checks the ‘End of Life’ date field and if the current date is within 12 months of that date the Status filed on the Servers list is changed to Amber if it’s within 6 months it’s changed to Red.

In the System Workflow I have:

Query Action – which queries the ‘End of Life’ filed on the Operating System list and stores the date in a collection variable called ‘col_OS_endoflife’

Calculate Date – uses a date variable called ‘date_Date_plus_one_hour’ and an adds an hour (I’ve put an hour in for testing purposes) I’ve used the date variable at the start in the Date field and to Store the date in, is that right?

Set Variable – set ‘ date_Date_plus_one_hour’ equals ‘date_12month’, what I’m trying to do with this action is to get the End of Life date and add it to a variable for comparison, but I think this might be a miss step? The next two actions are shown below. The workflow is running but not doing anything. I think I'm lurching towards a solution, but I've got myself tangled up. Any help to get untangled would be appreciated!

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