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Compairing two date variables and updating a field

I have two lists Operating Systems and Servers. Operating Systems has a date field called 'End of Life'. In the Servers list there is a field called 'Status'. What I need to happen is that if 'End of Life' is within six months the Site Workflow updates. I think I'm pretty close!

I've got a For Each loop which is storing the dates in a date variable called dt_DatesLooped then a Calculate date action which takes the dt_Dates Looped variable and adds 6 months and stores it in a variable called dt_6monthsLooped (for testing I'm adding a day).

So I'm thinking what I need to do is to compare the current date with the date in dt_6monthsLooped and update 'Status' if they are equal.

What logic do I need? I've configured a Set a Condition and Update Item action but it's throwing an error. It's returning the date of the first item in the Operating System list and nothing else. The two actions configurations are below:

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