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Community News - September 25, 2015

Hello, Everyone!

The past week has seen some cool content to help you solve problems with workflows and provided some help calculating the size of a workflow. And there will be some updates to the community in the coming weeks, too.  Read on for the 411...

Cool Community Content

If you've ever driven onto a metered freeway, you've seen how stop/go traffic lights restrict the flow of vehicles entering the traffic flow. That's sort of what SharePoint does when a new workflow is published. Except there's no HOV lane for big workflows. Instead they're stuck in the slow lane.  So, if you want to see if your workflow belongs in the fast lane, calculate the size on export.  You can also look at the number of actions you are using and see whether or not your process can possibly be simplified or reduced to two or more workflows that work in synchronized harmony with each other.  This again helps you to prioritize your processes and ensure that SharePoint runs everything collectively.

Troubleshooting is easier when you know what the code for a given error means.  And now you have a cheat sheet at your disposal in Dan Burke​'s blog, Quick Reference for Nintex Features, Content Types, and Field IDs .  You might want to bookmark that link for quick reference next time you run into an error.

And here's a recent blog post from Andrew Glasser​ that could save you some time.  He explains how to Preview Mobile App Forms - and removing generated previews​, so that you won't waste time the way he did.

Don't miss a product announcement

It's easy to get notifications on new product releases.  This post on Customizing your Community Activity Stream will tell you how to get the latest delivered to your Community in-box.

Nintex Learning Center


Want to improve your skills with workflows and forms? Or how about showing off those skills and impressing others by gaining a Nintex Workflow Certificate? The Nintex Learning Center is a free resource that provides up-to-date, entry level training on how to use Nintex products to solve common workflow problems. We also offer free Certificate exams that allow you to prove your workflow creation and administration skills.  To access the Nintex Learning Center go to The Nintex Learning Center​ and click Register.

Nintex Workflow SDK Update:

This week, Dennis Kennedy's update to the SDK is his last weekly update, though he'll do future updates spread out over weeks.

Go check out his blog where he covers updated content on Workflow tasks and delegation rules.  See it here: @Nintex Workflow 2013 SDK weekly update - 21st September 2015

Unanswered Questions

Community members have been remarkably helpful this week in answering questions.  Many thanks to Ramses Kooijman​, Lisa Byrd​, Andrew Glasser​, among others, for helpful suggestions to many questions in recent days!  Maybe as you read this you'd like to take a stab at some of the questions below to see if you can help a new user or one who's stuck on problem you've experienced.

Larry Nordlinger​ want to know about @Downloading DocuSign Document with Attachments
Ian cutler​ wants to know about @Capturing Attachments through Nintex Mobile & Storing

Fernando Domínguez Martín​ wants to know @Office 365: How to promote to mayor version all documents inside document set and capture document s...

Chandni Mehta is having a problem with @lazy approval not working properly in nintex workflow

Michele Casazza wants to @Update XML file - Web Request PUT method , but is getting a "method not allowed" error.

Anybody want to take a crack at one of those?

I hope you have a great weekend!

Frank, your Community Manager