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Call Content Type Based Workflow with Webservice Method

Hey everyone,

currently I have the following situation:

I published a workflow based on a content type (because there is a list template based on this content type and users can create those types of lists by their own).

Now I want to stop every instance of the current workflow version because the process changed and afterwards i want to restart the new workflow version on every list item (based on adequate query).

So, no problem with stopping every instance. I can use "Call a webservice" method to terminate all running instances.

But I have no clue, how to restart those workflows afterwards.

I already tried the StartWorkflow and StartWorkflowOnListItem Methods, like explained within

But I get an error messaged saying there is no workflow with this name associated with this list.

In fact this notification is correct, because my workflow is associated with the content type instead.

So I remain with the question, how to achieve my goal?

Is there another method I can call or some other trick/workaround?

I hope someone can help me!

Kind Regards


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