CRM Dynamics Workflow Designer like Nintex Workflow?


I have fairly complex workflows to be developed. I, naturally, could've gone for SharePoint + Nintex Workflow, but as a technology constraint I must use CRM workflows.

I was hoping that I could find something like Nintex Workflow for CRM Dynamics that gets integrated into its designer; exactly like Nintex does with SharePoint. So that I can design complex workflows within CRM itself, rather than using SharePoint -- Idea is to use CRM as xRM itself.

In this case, I could rely on following:

  • Simple workflows --> use CRM designer
  • Complex --> use Nintex Workflow + windows workflow foundation

Question: Can CRM2011 be used to develop complex workflows? Using WWF, or any other third party workflow engine?

Thanks in advance.

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Nintex for Sharepoint Expert
Nintex for Sharepoint Expert

Re: CRM Dynamics Workflow Designer like Nintex Workflow?

Hi @WaltSnowrancruz 


Currently Nintex provides the following workflow engines in its platform;


  • SharePoint on-premise
  • SharePoint 365
  • Nintex Workflow Cloud
  • K2 Cloud
  • K2 Five


Out of these, 3 of them can support CRM directly but 2 of them I think only support the 365 version of Dynamics as they are cloud based:

  • Nintex Workflow Cloud - Dynamics 365
  • K2 Cloud - Dynamics 365
  • K2 Five


The only product left would be K2 Five however it appears it is not compatible with CRM2011 but does work with CRM2013 onwards.




I am not sure if we will be adding support for CRM2011 as it is no longer supported. 




If you have a migration plan to move to newer versions of CRM there may be options to use Nintex.


Kind regards





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