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Nintex Workflow for Salesforce - Part 1 - Installing the App

Nintex for Salesforce - OverviewPart 1 - Installing the AppPart 2 - Roles and PermissionsPart 3 - Designing WorkflowsPart 4 - Additional Resources

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Prepare for Success

  • You must have at least the following permissions within your Salesforce tenant to complete this step
    • Download AppExchange Packages
      • For additional information around this requirement, see Installing Packages in the Salesforce Application Installation Guide

Setting up Nintex Workflow for Salesforce

Adding the App

  • Download the app from AppExchange at the following URL: Nintex Workflow - Nintex - AppExchange 
  • In the details page for the package, select 'Get It Now'
  • Salesforce will prompt you to log into your account.
    • Use the credentials for the Salesforce Organization where you intend to install the package.
  • Choose whether to install the app into a production or sandbox organization
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and click 'Confirm and Install!'
    • Note: You may be prompted to login to Salesforce again
  • Choose 'Install for All Users' (recommended) and then click 'Install'
    • Note: You can modify access to security settings once the app is installed
  • In Approve Third-Party Access, click 'Yes, grant access to these third-part web sites' and then click 'Continue'
    • Note: You may get a message saying 'the app is taking a long time to install'. This is common. You will get an email notification after the app installs

Confirm your installation

  • Within Setup in Salesforce, click 'Installed Packages'
  • You should see a package named 'Nintex Workflow' listed with any other packages you may have installed

Connecting to a Nintex Workflow Cloud Tenant

You need a Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant to use this app. If you want to start a trial you can do so here, or follow the 'Free 30 Day Trial' prompt within the app.

Once your tenant is setup, follow the steps below to connect your Salesforce environment to the NWC tenant

  • In Lightning mode, click the App Launcher(), and then click 'Nintex Workflow'
  • In Nintex Workflow, click Connect Existing Tenant

  • In the Tenant Subdomain, type your Nintex Workflow Cloud subdomain and click 'Authorize Tenant'

  • Within the window that appears, type your email and password to authenticate and click 'Sign In'

Check for Success

  • Have you added the Nintex Workflow for Salesforce app to your Salesforce org?
  • Have you connected Nintex Workflow for Salesforce to your Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant?

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