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Nintex Mobile Layout on iPad

Hi everyone!

I'm working on a simple Nintex form. The form works perfectly on desktop, but we need to make it available on an iPad. I though it was pretty easy, since there is a layout option for that. So firstly, I created a layout for desktop and for iPad. Both layouts seem to be ok. After that, I was told that we should use the Nintex Mobile app, and so, I should design a "Nintex Mobile tablet" layout. I also created that.

When I use the Nintex Mobile app on my iPad, and select the form, the result is terrible. My form is completely different. Its only white, the fields are all messed up, images don't load correctly and calculated values are not working. Isn't it supposed to be like it was designed? Is there anyway to achieve it?

I try to access the form on Safari, but I get an error and the form is not loaded. So what's the difference between using the Nintex Mobile Tablet and iPad layouts? Is there any way to load the form like it was designed to? The difference is very significant, and we need calculated values to work! Is there any way for we to achieve it? Like using a mobile browser, or another app for that?

Regards, Igor.

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Automation Master

Re: Nintex Mobile Layout on iPad

Hi Igor,

To confirm your findings, there are two methods to present a form on a mobile device such as a tablet or phone.  The first is to create a form that will work on the web browser and the second is to create a form that will work inside a native app on the device.

In Nintex for o365, if you want to create an app version then use either the Nintex Mobile Phone or Nintex Mobile Tablet layout.  All the other layouts are for the web browser versions.

When you create the mobile app version, depending on the device, you will lose some of your formatting such as the colour and fonts.  You do have more control over this if you are able to create your app using the Nintex App Studio instead of using the default Nintex mobile app.

You should be able to correct all of the layout issues - it will take some tweaking just as you arrange a layout for the web versions.  Images too will work but you need to make sure they are accessible to the app.  This article shows you how to do that.

While we're looking at the very helpful blogs Andrew Glasser‌ writes, check out this post that will help you with your calculated values.  Take note that some formulas that work on the web browser will not work on the app such as lookups.  Rhia Wieclawek‌ has written a very comprehensive piece about how to deal with that.



Nintex Newbie

Re: Nintex Mobile Layout on iPad

Hi Igor,

Forms on Nintex Mobile work a little differently to how they work in the web browser. Let me explain.

Firstly, you have quite correctly described that in order to publish a form onto an iPad you must first choose the Nintex Mobile Tablet layout inside of Nintex Forms.

When you design a form for Nintex Mobile, that form will not be rendered in HTML. Instead it will be rendered using native controls.  That is to say heavy weight OS controls as opposed to light weight HTML controls.

What this means is that the same form viewed on iOS and Android will appear slightly different as each is using native controls that are different from one OS to another.  This approach means that user will have an experience that is more familiar to them as it looks just like all of their other native apps.

Unfortunately, this approach means that you do not have as much control over how your forms look as Nintex Mobile needs to tailor each form to each OS.  Therefore when you design your forms for mobile, you are best to let Nintex Forms do as much of the layout as possible.

Also, due to the smaller form factor of mobile devices you are generally best to keep your forms fairly simple.  Big complicated forms that have a lot of rule logic quite often prove to be difficult for a mobile user to populate. Short and simple is better.  Think about whether it is possible to breakdown your large form into several smaller ones.

If you have any further problems please contact support as they can help with some of the specific problems you have with your mobile form.

Lastly, we are also building the responsive designer for Nintex Forms for SharePoint 2013/2016 which is aiming for an September/October 2017 time frame. This will be a completely different approach to designing forms that will mean that you only have one form layout that is responsive and able to adapt to different screen sizes dynamically.  

Good luck,


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